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Protective coatings within the Agricultural industry require a unique blend of high corrosion resistance, durability and chemical resistance. Baril coatings is pleased to offer a number of high performance OEM Compliant options engineered to meet the significant physical demands associated with agricultural implements and machines.

Trailer & Chassis

When it comes to weathering, corrosion resistance and chip prevention, the performance demands of the chassis and trailer industry are among the most aggressive. Baril coatings is pleased to offer coating solutions ideally suited for a range of applications that includes everything from utility trailers to heavy-duty car and equipment haulers. For heavy-duty applications, our Dual-Cure™ coating systems incorporate zinc-fortified primers that can be coated in as little as 45 minutes with our patented high-performance polyaspartic top-coats. These systems provide superior flexibility and chip prevention while also proving industry leading corrosion resistance. We carry a full line of high performance industrial coatings designed to meet any application requirement and satisfy any budget.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment used in construction, mining and transportation is subject to damage from rigorous use and harsh environmental conditions. These valuable assets require proper protection and ongoing maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs. Baril Coatings is a leading protective coating supplier to the heavy equipment OEM and refinish industry. We offer a full range of coating options including fast-cure single coat DTM applications for high production applications.

Steel Tank

As a proud member of the Steel Tank Institute, Baril Coatings is committed to helping steel tank manufacturers improve the corrosion resistance of their tanks while offering coating solutions that help to speed up production and reduce costs. Our steel tank coating systems range from economical wet or wet primer/topcoat enamel applications to ultra high-performance zinc-rich primers and polyurethane top-coat systems designed for the harshest environments. Baril’s range of industrial coating products provide steel tank fabricators with a variety of options that can be modified to meet their unique production goals.

General Industrial

Baril Coatings works alongside our OEM partners on an ongoing basis to ensure the highest quality finishes and optimal production efficiency. Baril’s veteran technical staff and chemists are highly experienced in all paint and coating related aspects of OEM manufacturing. Our understanding allows us to provide your company with a range of options engineered specifically for your particular project while also providing equipment consultation and maintenance.

Structural Steel

The best insurance against deterioration caused by humidity, salt and pollutants is selecting the appropriate coating solution right from the start. At Baril, we employ the ISO 12944-2 standard in specifying the appropriate protective coating solution for our customers. This globally recognized standard provides environmental classifications for different applications and allows for proper segmentation of coating system based on resistance to corrosion caused by pollution, moisture and salt. At Baril, our rust-inhibiting and rust-encapsulating coating systems are among the most advanced in the industry and can help extend your investment’s life-cycle indefinitely.

Fleet OEM & Refinish

Baril’s FleetSpec™ line of premium epoxy primers and polyurethane finish coats was developed exclusively for the OEM fleet truck and equipment finishing industry. FleetSpec™ is an ideal selection for the work truck industry as well as marine and aviation applications. Colors are supported by one of the industry’s largest toner bank systems and our world=class ColorLinks™ web-based color retrieval system.


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