Service & Support

At Baril we work with you from the very start to design and implement your coating system. We will get you online quickly and make certain that you are operating as efficiently as possible. (Rick Wood - Director of Technical Services)

Changing Paint Can Be Hard

At Baril Coatings, we understand that changing paint can be challenging. Protective coating chemistry is complex and directly influenced by multiple variables that must be accounted for during the formulation, handling and application process. The primers and topcoats used on a daily basis are dependent on everything from application equipment to the ambient temperature and humidity. Whether you are looking improve your product performance, speed up your production or both, Baril Coatings has the formulation technology and application expertise to help you every step of the way.

A Full Range of Industrial Coatings and Premium Finishes

For the last 30-years we have developed one of the industry’s most advanced lines of protective coatings. Our standard Alkyd, Epoxy and Urethane industrial coatings rank among the very best in corrosion resistance and long-term weathering. Our revolutionary DualCure line has allowed hundreds of manufacturers to significantly increase their production and reduce costs with coating systems that dry in an hour without any heat required. Baril’s FleetSpec line serves the premium polyurethane finish market. With fully interchangeable primers and binders designed for specific applications from commercial transportation to aviation and marine. Baril’s world-class veteran technical staff will work directly with you to understand your goals and determine the correct system for your application.


With You Every Step of the Way

✔ Evaluation

We meet with you to learn more about your current finishing line needs and provide you with initial insight on potential options, benefits and cost.

✔ Recommendation & Demo

We develop a specification binder that includes a range of finishing options. An onsite demonstration is held to confirm the appropriate systems.

✔ Implementation

Baril works onsite with your team to activate your new paint system and help calibrate equipment for maximum production effeciency.


Let us help with your next project.