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Automotive Refinish and Repair

Looking for that product that no one else has and everyone wants? AutoGuard™ fits the bill. Specialized and unique paint and coatings products designed for the autobody, truck or equipment refurbish and repair markets. These amazing products consist of corrosion control primers, package color urethane enamels, Coat Over Rust products and top of the line Clear Coats. The AutoGuard™ line of products from Baril are available through and for use at Automotive Warehouse Distribution, Automotive Jobber Stores, Auto and Fleet Refinish Bodyshops or DIY online.

Market Segments

AutoGuard™ products offer a highly competitive option to traditional brands on the market. Discover AutoGuard Rust Coater, a Gloss Black or Aluminum coating system that encapsulates the rust on a part allowing for years of protection. AutoGuard™ Colors is comprised of 15 of the most popular automotive colors on the market. No mixing, no waiting, no hassle just high-performance color. Multi-Surface primer sealer for steel, galvanneal, aluminum, stainless steel or composite. Easy to use Clear Coats designed to shine and last. A selection of finishing products that stand out from the competition.

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