Baril Benchmark™ Program

Baril Benchmark™ Program

What is it?

Baril Benchmark™ empowers manufacturing executives with the critical situational knowledge as it relates to the latest finishing trends and innovation. It includes a comprehensive review and benchmarking of your current finishing process to that of other industrial manufacturers throughout North America. It is designed to provide plant managers and other decision makers with key insights on areas for potential improvement.

Who Conducts Benchmark™?

Surface Preparation

Application Equipment

Fluid Control Engineering

Baril Benchmark™ includes a comprehensive review of your current finishing process by leading experts in surface preparation, application equipment & fluid control engineering. The entire program is completely confidential and is offered with no obligation.

How Does Benchmark Work?

The process begins with an introductory 30-minute call where we gather preliminary information on your current finishing line. Following that, our team conducts an in-depth on-site review of your current process. Lastly, we present you with a full report that provides insight as to how your current setup compares to industry norms. This report will also provide unbiased recommendations on potential opportunities for both immediate and long-term improvement.

In-depth On-site Review

Industry Leading Experts

Baril Benchmark Variables and Components

Surface Preparation

Coating Performance

Coating Application


  • Profile
  • Class of Blast
  • Abrasive Consumption
  • Abrasive Landed Cost
  • Disposal Cost
  • Labor Cost
  • Equipment Cost
  • Square ft Blast Cleaned per hour
  • Blasting Cost per hour

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