Stop waiting for paint to dry with Baril Coatings DualCure™

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At Baril Coatings, USA we help manufactures end paint departments bottlenecks using our Baril DualCure™ technology.

How manufactures can increase production and reduce paint usage

DualCure™ cures as fast and hard as powder coatings without the need for heat. Handle in less than one hour, assemble or put outside in the weather in less than 2 hours, same day shipping in some cases. 

Dry time

DualCure™ primers offer up to 10X the corrosion protection than standard primers. Finishes provide excellent color and gloss retention. Exceptional hardness, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.


Environmentally friendly

Reduces carbon footprint for manufacturers by eliminating the need for curing ovens. Coatings are high in solids, so they reduce VOC and HAPS emissions.

Extreme high solids coatings with maximum pigment loads creates exceptional coverage and a reduction in usage resulting in reduced costs in paint and labor.   

Reduction of usage 

Baril Coatings created DualCure™ polyaspartic technology in 2002 and placed a patent on the formulas. Other paint companies have tried to imitate it, but only one company has the experience and knowledge to maximize performance and that is Baril. 

Unique, patented and experienced

DualCure™ by Baril Coatings

Increase throughput and coatings performance today!