FleetSpec™ 1240

Premium Polyurethane Topcoat

High Gloss

FleetSpec™ 1240 is a high build, high solids, & high gloss urethane topcoat. It is designed be used for larger projects and is engineered to work with airless & air-assist spray equipment without the typical problems such as die back or solvent pop. 1240 is engineered to provide for additional sag control which enables the applicator to apply heavier or multiple back to back coats without getting runs or curtains. 1240 has excellent durability against harsh chemicals and UV rays, exhibiting excellent color and gloss retention.


  • Designed for Airless and Air Assist Application
  • Excellent sag control
  • Multiple back to back coats with no runs
  • High UV Stability and Gloss Retention


  • Large Vehicles and Equipment
  • Marine Vessels, Barges
  • Exterior structures and exposed steel
  • Work trucks and trailers

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