Coating Products by Market

Coatings for YOUR Market

Baril Coatings is a paint manufacturer that doesn’t sell our products from a catalog. We believe that every customer is unique, every application is special, every order, every person, every request is important. All our products have been specially made for someone. We look at every opportunity as a life-long relationship and the first call is just the beginning of an amazing new journey. The people and the markets that Baril Coatings serve are vast. We tend to focus on:

Industrial Protective Coatings for OEM and Product Refinish, Commercial Transportation – Fleet, Aviation and Marine, Automotive Refinish and Repair, Coatings Distribution and Private Label, Specialized Coatings and Industrial Colorants

As we believe that every job is special, we have developed some of the most innovative and patented products on the market and have assisted hundreds of customers and partners to solve production problems, waste issues, quality needs, reduction in usage and of course saving of needless spending. We just ask for you to bring us your issue, your paint needs, your production problems and give Baril Coatings a chance to go to work for you and provide for you a “Sustainable Solution”.

Let us help with your next project.