High Performance Steel Epoxy Primers and Urethane Top-Coats


Designed to Endure

Performance Epoxies and Polyurethanes

SteelKote™ from Baril Coatings is a high performance steel coating offering that consists of epoxy primers and urethane top-coats. These two component products are designed to offer excellent long-term protection in moderate to severe environments. In conjunction with SteelKote™ Epoxy primers, Baril offers multiple top-coat options consisting of Acrylic polyurethane semi-gloss and high-gloss options as well as a hybrid polyester urethane for maximum durability. SteelKote™ products are recommended for commercial, industrial, and marine use on machinery, trailers, containers, implements, structures and vehicles. Applications where excellent color and gloss retention are expected and automotive like finishes are required.

SteelKote™ Products List

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