SteelKote™ 154

Field Applied Coating

High Gloss

SteelKote™ 154 is a high performance, low-VOC acrylic polyester urethane enamel. This fast-drying formulation has been engineered to offer excellent long-term protection in moderate to severe environments. Designed for application by spray, brush or roll, SteelKote™ 154 is an excellent choice for field-applied coatings. It offers superior protection against fresh water, salt-water, most chemicals, solvent fumes and spills, acids and alkalies. SteelKote™ 154 can be applied over previously primed & painted surfaces.


  • Long Term Color and Gloss Retention
  • Multiple Coats with No Runs
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Long Working Time
  • User Friendly Application


  • Amusement Equipment
  • Structural Steel
  • Steel Light Poles
  • Steel Constructions
  • Farm Machinery Refinish

SteelKote™ Product List

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