“Don’t Let Corrosion
Eat Away Your Profits”

Protect your equipment

Use Baril Coatings ZINC Products

At Baril Coatings USA, we help manufacturers prevent warranty claims by using our ZINC Rich Urethane and Epoxy technology.

How Manufacturers Extend The Life and Performance Of Their Products 

Corrosion Control

Baril ZINC products pass up to 10,000 hours ASTM B-117 Salt Spray testing against blistering, creepage and undercutting. 


Over a blasted steel surface, Baril ZINC primers can provide corrosion protection for over 10 years even in costal and northern markets where salt wreaks havoc on steel products.

How Does It Work?

ZINC coatings are sacrificial. This means that when moisture or chemicals reach the surface, they will attack the ZINC before they can attack the metal. Thus, giving the metal up to 10x the usable life expectancy. 

What Does ZINC Protect Against?

 * Example of UNDERCUTTING

ZINC will protect against undercutting. This is where rust spreads under your paint and delaminates it. ZINC will protect against rust through. This is where rust starts at one side and eats through to the other. 

No, Baril ZINC products are the easiest to apply ZINC on the market. You can use conventional air spray, airless or air assisted airless spray equipment.

Do ZINC Products Take Special Equipment?

What Is the Difference Between Galvanizing? 

Galvanizing is a dip application that applies 100% ZINC to the surface that requires large tanks and is very expensive.

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