DualCure™ 306

Organic Zinc

Zinc Rich Primer

DualCure 306 is a proprietary organic zinc rich, moisture cured urethane primer. It is formulated for ease of application as a two component system that enables low temperature cure, fast recoat times and resistance to mud-cracking. A self-priming and corrosion resistant primer, 306 is proven to protect steel in the harshest environments. This product was designed for production environments that require fast recoat times. Unlike typical zinc coatings on the market, 306 provides a very smooth, near automotive quality finish at a low VOC. Applications using DualCure™ 306 Primer may achieve ISO 12944 C-5 corrosion class.


  • Extreme Corrosion Resistance
  • Single or Dual Component
  • Superior Adhesion
  • 86% Zinc in the Dry Film
  • Fast time to Topcoat
  • Easy to Mix and Apply
  • Most user friendly zinc coating on the market


  • Steel Tanks
  • Fleet Refinish and Repair
  • Structural Steel
  • Construction Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Industrial Maintenance

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