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Lifetime Protection

Globally Proven Polyaspartic and Moisture Cured OEM Finishes

For the past twenty years DualCure™ has served as an alternative to traditional epoxy and urethane industrial coatings, helping hundreds of manufacturers throughout North America to significantly optimize production throughput and reduce finishing costs. This revolutionary line of high performance coating systems cut process times by a minimum of 50% while virtually eliminating energy use during drying – all with superior quality and performance.

Superior Long-Term Coating Performance

DualCure™ offers a combination of superior flexibility and durability with highly chemical resistant and UV stable films. It can be used as single coat DTM application or as a top-coat in conjunction with a corrosion resistant primer. DualCure™ systems have been tested to withstand the most extreme conditions up to and including ISO 12944-2 C5 offshore environmental classifications.

Energy Efficient Product Finishing

Did you know that the bulk of energy used during the manufacturing process is often used to generate heat to aid in the curing process? DualCure™ offers better protection than powder coating and dries quickly without the need for heat. This reduces both energy costs as well as the carbon footprint associated with curing ovens. Often times, this can mean tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in total energy savings.

DualCure™ unites chemical and moisture curing to generate a unique polymer crosslink that drives superior performance characteristics while providing excellent control over cure schedules. Baril Coatings leverages decades of formulating experience in developing custom DualCure™ systems designed to meet the needs of our clients’ application processes and performance needs. We have the technology, experience and implementation support to meet your needs.

DualCure unites chemical and moisture curing to provide unique and superior performance characteristics.

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