DualCure™ 182

High Build DTM Polyaspartic


DualCure 182 is a patented high performance Direct to Metal coating system engineered to provide excellent durability, adhesion and flexibility. This low-sheen protective coating may be applied to blasted, primed or e-coated surfaces. DualCure™ 182 is a fast curing coating system and is designed to enhance productivity without the need for heat for drying. Additionally, this zinc-fortified formulation provides excellent corrosion resistance and protection in accordance with ISO 12944 (C2-C3) environments for 5 years. It is highly resistant to fresh and salt water, most chemicals, fumes and spills of mild acids and alkalies.


  • DTM High Build to cover blast profile
  • Fast Cure
  • Unlimited colors/ColorLinks Compatible
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Use as a primer or Topcoat
  • Excellent Sandability


  • Structural Steel
  • Oil and Gas Fabrication
  • General Industrial
  • Marine
  • Construction and Agriculture
  • High Build Sanding sealer

DualCure™ Product List

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