High Performance Protective Coatings for Industrial OEM and Commercial Refinish Applications

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Coating systems, derived from data.

Save time, resources and money with our Baril Benchmarking Process.

Global Coating Manufacturing Presence

With Manufacturing Facilities located in Indiana and the Netherlands, we have the capacity to produce and deliver 'just-in-time' coating products rapidly, and in any quantity.

We Put Our Client Success First

We've gone from a localized coatings manufacturer to a leading global provider, by putting client's success first. World class technical support comes standard with our innovative and sustainable coating solutions.

They never fail to deliver the goods, will bend over backwards to make any requests or product modifications a reality...

Andy Gordon

Experts in Coating Formulation, Manufacturing and Color

Veteran coating professionals and expert application equipment specialists working together to save money, reduce waste, and optimize production

Protective Coatings Commitment

Final and sustainable solutions for steel protection, industrial product finishing, commercial finishes, and marine applications that improve production throughput with our patented DualCure technology.

Coating Specification Design

Expert coating professionals with extensive OEM and refinish application experience work alongside client engineers to save time and money. Full on-site assessments for new clients as well as process engineering, application equipment consultation and training.

Coating Manufacturing by Baril

All Baril coating products undergo exemplary quality control testing ensuring client production runs smooth. Color, consistency and performance of client coatings tested at the highest level possible prior to leaving our facility.

Fast and Reliable Product Delivery

Understanding client businesses operate on information received from suppliers and delivering transparent, real time order status updates at key points in the delivery process.

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