Bariline™ 711

Semi-Gloss Air Dry Enamel


Bariline 711 is a high performance HAPS free, Semi-Gloss enamel. 711 has been designed to offer an attractive semi gloss finish in light to moderate environments. Engineered to provide application flexibility, as it can be used as supplied or it can be catalyzed with ACT-952 to increase hardness and flexibility. This product wets out the surface well so it can be used as a direct to metal finish. Bariline™ 711 offers good UV resistance for stable color and gloss retention. This product is recommended for commercial and industrial use on machinery, trailers, containers, implements, structures and vehicles. Use for applications where moderate color and gloss retention are expected along with an attractive satin finish.


  • Cost effective one coat system
  • Consistent semi gloss finish
  • Great Weathering
  • Easy to apply
  • Low VOC


  • Trailers
  • Construction Equipment
  • General Industrial Metal
  • Machinery
  • Structures
  • Vehicles

Bariline™ Product List

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